Sifunda Kunye Community Reading club and Facilitators program term 2


For the club, we have had a wonderful term. The kids have been coming in numbers and our facilitators have been enjoying each and every session with the kids. The club started a year ago and throughout the whole journey the facilitators have managed to acquire skills on how to work with the kids and be able to control the over excitement the kids always have.

The whole experience of working with the kids have caused our old facilitators to want to continue working with the kids even though their time span has been finished. The facilitators are supposed to work for a year then we can recruit new facilitators the following year. In total we have 10 facilitators (5 olds and 5 new) and 90 kids who attend our reading club.

The kids enjoy a fun day dancing along to action songs and doing group reading or enjoying a lovely story read by one of the facilitators. Sometimes they also tell their own stories or do drawings. The drawings interpret what each individual has learned that specific day or what they have enjoyed most about that day.

The club has also engaged in a clean-up program where they had to find the dirtiest place in the community and try to fill up 200 bean bags with trash. The program was organized by the Shamwari group and in return the kids received a donation of books for the club.