Girls Club


The girls club is facilitated by the most creative teacher – Miss Williams who is qualified to be an Arts and craft teacher. With her being the engine of the club, the kids in the club always creates beautiful pieces of art and with so many fun things to do it is always enjoyable to be at their sessions. This term was very short and busy but with every free time the club had they used it to their advantage. They have been working closely with the Shamwari group who thought it would be exciting to donate old bed sheets to the club and recycle them into something handy.

If the kids are not recycling old materials and old clothes, they create lovely arts pieces and have created very beautiful pictures using foil and paint and have also did string painting. This is very interesting and lovely to watch and in these kinds of activities the kids are getting arts skills and are also learning new things about themselves. It is one thing to learn and create new pieces but the award in all this is the confidence of realizing how capable they are.

Recently the club was visited by a group of photographers from Shamwari who did a traditional photo shoot with the kids. The pictures haven’t been back yet but it was a really good photo shoot and the kids enjoyed it.

Things are really looking virtuous for the club.