2020 Representatives Council of Learners

The learners voted for the learners that felt would represent them very well as their mission is to unify the Hendrik Kanise community by encouraging communication and by serving, supporting and inspiring learners to become active front in all spheres of life.

The RCL 2020 member are as follows:-

Grade 12

  • Aphiwe Matyhumza
  • Avuyile Madolo
  • Aphiwe Taboshe
  • Anesipho Nkonki

Grade 11

  • Masiwakhe Siwisa
  • Sinawo Mzizi
  • Sisipho Tokota

Grade 10

  • Lindokuhle Matyhumza
  • Phethuxolo Vayo

Grade 8

  • Thembakazi Tsams

The RCL is made up of a group of students who want to help other students by presenting ideas which are of benefit to all students, to the School Council.  The RCL also informs its peers of any important information which affects the student body.

Another purpose of the RCL is to teach students how the school works, how decisions are made and how to achieve changes.  Being on the RCL teaches skills which you can put to use in later life.


World Read Aloud Day 2020

25 February 2020

World Read Aloud Day was created as an opportunity for people all around the globe to celebrate the joy of reading aloud, and advocate for literacy as a fundamental human right that belongs to everyone. Over the last ten years, World Read Aloud Day has evolved into a global movement of millions of readers, writers, and listeners from communities all across the world coming together to honor the joy and power of reading and sharing stories and continue expanding the definition and scope of global. On the 25 of February the English Teacher Miss James and The ICT facilitator organised a Wold Read Aloud Day where Mrs Gxamza read book written in isiXhosa called “Kutheni inja isoyika isiphango.” and one of the reading club facilitators read a book called “My grandma is WONDERFUL.”.


The kids enjoyed it very much and we are looking forward to next year’s one.

Girls club end year trip to Port Elizabeth.

The girls had an excursion to Port Elizabeth. The planning for the trip was very chellenging as the girls tried so hard to raise funds so that they can be able to have this trip. Indeed their hard work paid off and they were able to visit Port Elizabeth and visited very nice placed including the beach. The club is being led by The Sifunda Kunye facilitator and Intermediate Maths teach Mrs Gxamza.

Such opportunity are very rare and the learners are very fortunate to be able to hold bake sales and sell to their fellow learners and sell ruffles so that they can be able to attend the trip.

The girls are really buzzing around busy producing results. We hope for a better year in 2020.


Writing club


As I have promised in my previous article on the article I wrote on the September issue that I will be gathering other learners who are interested in taking this journey with me and form a new writing club, I actually fulfilled my promise and did just that. With the help of Miss Swayi we have been having weekly sessions with the other learners to show that we are really serious about this club. On our weekly sessions we write poems and share them amongst each other, that way we are learning from each other and we are also trying to teach other confidence. In the club, we allow anyone who enjoys writing poems and short stories to join.


Our dream for the club is to see it grow as most of the learners are involved in things that they are not supposed to, we want to be able to make a difference and for the community to be part of our club. We are hoping that one day we will grow to a point where some of our work is recognized and published.


We are thankful to Sifunda Kunye for allowing us to visit the annual Writing Camps, they help a lot.

BY Ayabulela January

Awareness campaign on substance abuse 2019


The school’s LSA (Learner Support Agent) Vuyiseka Siwisa and the new TADA (Teenagers Against Drug Abuse) coordinator Ntsako Ndlovu held an awareness campaign on Substance abuse to highlight the devastating effect that substance abuse has on our learners. TADA aims at changing the behavior of teenagers who have come into conflict with the law. This program focuses on attitude change and taking responsibility and more importantly divert them from the system.

Introducing our newest member, this is the one and only Miss Ntsako, who has been helping us in the past few years. She is now the new TADA coordinator and is working at the school under Social Development. Ntsako started working with us at the beginning of October and the learners will be seeing more of her around the school as she will be working closely with the learners and on programs that deal directly with drugs.

Welcome Ntsako, we wish you well.

Sifunda Kunye Community Reading club – Santa Clause visit and Facilitators end year function.


9 November 2019

It was a very exciting day for all our little readers as Santa Clause made a special visit for all our hard working young little readers.

The Sifunda Kunye community reading club assists young readers on Saturdays to improve their reading skills and to create a safe, friendly, fun learning environment.

The club focuses to introduce reading in a fun way, through song, dance, group and individual reading sessions.

The club is run by Sifunda Kunye Lab Facilitator Yonela Swayi and assisted by Sifunda Kunye facilitators (Volunteers) from grade 11. The facilitators program for grade 11 is a great way and opportunity for our future leaders to give back and pay it forward.

2019 was over all a very successful year with an average of 100 little readers  attending our Saturday Reading clubs.

On the 9th of November 2019 after our end year Santa Clause visit our well deserving facilitators enjoyed a BBQ at Bushmans Sand hotel.

Our school is grateful to Sifunda Kunye Educational project for running and sponsoring this club.


Santa Clause Visit 2019



Hendrik Kanise Sifunda Kunye Reading club facilitators 2019





Facilitators End Year Function at Bushmans Sands Hotel.

Sifunda Kunye Community Reading club and Facilitators program term 2


For the club, we have had a wonderful term. The kids have been coming in numbers and our facilitators have been enjoying each and every session with the kids. The club started a year ago and throughout the whole journey the facilitators have managed to acquire skills on how to work with the kids and be able to control the over excitement the kids always have.

The whole experience of working with the kids have caused our old facilitators to want to continue working with the kids even though their time span has been finished. The facilitators are supposed to work for a year then we can recruit new facilitators the following year. In total we have 10 facilitators (5 olds and 5 new) and 90 kids who attend our reading club.

The kids enjoy a fun day dancing along to action songs and doing group reading or enjoying a lovely story read by one of the facilitators. Sometimes they also tell their own stories or do drawings. The drawings interpret what each individual has learned that specific day or what they have enjoyed most about that day.

The club has also engaged in a clean-up program where they had to find the dirtiest place in the community and try to fill up 200 bean bags with trash. The program was organized by the Shamwari group and in return the kids received a donation of books for the club.



Girls Club


The girls club is facilitated by the most creative teacher – Miss Williams who is qualified to be an Arts and craft teacher. With her being the engine of the club, the kids in the club always creates beautiful pieces of art and with so many fun things to do it is always enjoyable to be at their sessions. This term was very short and busy but with every free time the club had they used it to their advantage. They have been working closely with the Shamwari group who thought it would be exciting to donate old bed sheets to the club and recycle them into something handy.

If the kids are not recycling old materials and old clothes, they create lovely arts pieces and have created very beautiful pictures using foil and paint and have also did string painting. This is very interesting and lovely to watch and in these kinds of activities the kids are getting arts skills and are also learning new things about themselves. It is one thing to learn and create new pieces but the award in all this is the confidence of realizing how capable they are.

Recently the club was visited by a group of photographers from Shamwari who did a traditional photo shoot with the kids. The pictures haven’t been back yet but it was a really good photo shoot and the kids enjoyed it.

Things are really looking virtuous for the club.

ECO Club



As an Eco school we also have an Eco club that is a platform on which we get the knowledge about environment. The meaning of an eco-club in a group who works to contribute to improve environmental conditions. They offer programs and activities to encourage other learners to reduce pollution, plant trees and more.

The eco-club play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation.

The club has been working very closely with the Shamwari group in their gardening project where they planted vegetables and they have also had a clean-up program at the school.

The eco-club members also visited Shamwari game reserve to celebrate leopard day, the kids prepared a presentation about leopards and presented it at the reserve.

The Shamwari group also held fun indigenous games for the eco-club where they enjoyed different games with some of the volunteering students from the Shamwari conservation experience.

Candle Light Ceremony



On the 15th of May the school had a candle light ceremony. This event has turned to one of the school’s annual events as it is one the world’s oldest and largest grassroots mobilizationcampaigns for HIV awareness. The International Candlelight Memorial takes place every 19th of May. This event reminds us those that are affected by the HIV epidemic, including people living with HIV in all their diversity: being women, men and young people.  In the event we were joined by the local social worker Phumla Gojela who explained the purpose of us joining together for this event to the learners.

The event is always education and yet emotional as most of us have lost people very close to our hearts because of HIV/AIDS.

“Reflect on our past preparing for future.”