The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is a mandatory body, according to departmental requirements, and consists of ten learners. These learners have to be nominated formally for the position and deliver a manifesto speech to their grades, before being voted into their positions. The RCL forms a vital link between the staff and the learners ensures effective all-round communication as all members act as direct spokespeople for their grade pupils. Our Manifesto took place on the 2nd of February and the voting took place on the 3rd the following day.


2022 Representative Council of Learners:

Grade 12 – Nolubabalo Makasi, Denzelin Maans, Aphiwe Mahe.

Grade 11 – Simamkele Nkombisa, Lisakhanya Mntengwana

Grade 10 – Buhle Nkole, Lulibo Dywili

Grade 9 – Lisakhanya Ntlanjeni

Grade 8 – Anele Mboyi

Sifunda Kunye Facilitators end year function and prize giving 2021


6 November 2021

We celebrated the completion of our annual facilitators program with a prize giving and a BBQ. The learners and faculty had loads of fun.

Sifunda Kunye is proud of all our hardworking facilitators that dedicated their time every Saturday at our literacy center.

Sifunda Kunye wants to thank Mr Kirben Rajopaul and Mr Dustin Hoffman from  Premier FMCG/Star bakery for recognizing our learners hard work.

Thank you for making the facilitators feel extra special by donating; lunch boxes, stationary, buffs, bread, caps and bags to all our facilitators. Sifunda Kunye, Hendrik Kanise Combined School and all our facilitators appreciate the donation received.

The mission of Sifunda Kunye Education Project is to have a positive impact on education and the individual lives of learners of all ages through the implementation of technology programs, literacy programs, and capital projects at deserving schools across South Africa.

We would like to thank our 2021 facilitators for positively impacting the lives of all ages through dedication and commitment to your role you play at our literacy center every weekend.

We wish all our facilitators, faculty, staff, donors and learners a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022.

The President’s Awards

A group of 7 learners from our school joined the President’s awards this year.

The main reason for the learners to join the Awards is to be part of a group that is going to help them grow confidence in themselves. They believe that helping others, will help them become better versions of themselves and their goal it to help the community and inspire other learners to be interested in joining this program.

The mission of the President’s awards with assistance of adult volunteer leaders, is to empower young people between the ages of 14 and 25, by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self-development that will increase their self-esteem and enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves: enabling them to become responsible active citizens within their communities.

Our learners have been participating in the following community service since joining the president awards project:

  • Helping teachers clean their classes especially in the lab.
  • Clearing papers in the community.
  • Helping elder community by volunteering to go to shops to do groceries.

The list is endless but the learners have been helpful around the community to complete the first section, which is bronze in the president’s awards,

The learners feel that being part of the Presidential Awards is helping them grow and is helping them learn that sometimes helping other people is not a bad thing and are very excited about being part of The President’s Award and they are looking forward to meeting other people who are in the TPA so they can learn new things, our group is excited to be part of a partner school project Sifunda Kunye Project that enables the learners to be part of 5 other schools in the Eastern Cape.

Leadership Summit

On the 9th till the 12th of December 2016 Zinzi Bikani and Athenkosi Bangela joined a few other learners from school around South Africa at Kingswood College to attend a Leadership summit that was hosted by the Kingswood College. The aim of the summit is to train learners on peer-to-peer leadership issues involving cross cultural, intergenerational and moral dilemmas that will face them in their school leadership position.

We would like to give thanks to Sifunda Kunye for making it possible for our learners and the ICT facilitator Yonela Swayi to also attend the summit and to Kingswood College for inviting us.