Mrs Louw Balie – Principal 2004-2017

Picture taken during a tearful farewell held for Mrs Louw.

Since 2004 Mrs Louw-Balie was our first female Principal at Hendrik Kanise, she stepped down and retired in 2017. During her time as our principal she was an example to all that knew her. We as the faculty, SGB, learners, parents and community would like to wish Ms Louw well, we hope that she remains part of our extended family.

The President’s Awards

A group of 7 learners from our school joined the President’s awards this year.

The main reason for the learners to join the Awards is to be part of a group that is going to help them grow confidence in themselves. They believe that helping others, will help them become better versions of themselves and their goal it to help the community and inspire other learners to be interested in joining this program.

The mission of the President’s awards with assistance of adult volunteer leaders, is to empower young people between the ages of 14 and 25, by providing a balanced, non-competitive framework for self-development that will increase their self-esteem and enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves: enabling them to become responsible active citizens within their communities.

Our learners have been participating in the following community service since joining the president awards project:

  • Helping teachers clean their classes especially in the lab.
  • Clearing papers in the community.
  • Helping elder community by volunteering to go to shops to do groceries.

The list is endless but the learners have been helpful around the community to complete the first section, which is bronze in the president’s awards,

The learners feel that being part of the Presidential Awards is helping them grow and is helping them learn that sometimes helping other people is not a bad thing and are very excited about being part of The President’s Award and they are looking forward to meeting other people who are in the TPA so they can learn new things, our group is excited to be part of a partner school project Sifunda Kunye Project that enables the learners to be part of 5 other schools in the Eastern Cape.

Writing Club With Big Dreams

A dedicated group of 15 members that attended Sifunda Kunye writing camp in Keiskammahoek last year has launched their own writing club at school, under guidance from Sifunda Kunye facilitator Yonela Swayi the members meet up every week to write their own short stories and poetry.

Asemahle who is in Grade 11 and is now a facilitator of the Writing Club wrote a poem for Freedom Day.

Freedom Day (A new page in South Africa’s history)

1994 was the year it all changed
Where we all voted as one
And opened a new page

Before, it wasn’t easy
But we managed to get by

If a white and black man person met
It was hard to say hi

Nowadays it’s quite simple;
Because we’re one as a nation
We can broaden our horizons
And free our imagination 

We can pave new roads for the new generation
We can pray for better days
Because we’re God’s creation.

Asemahle Dyantyi Grade 11 – 2018

Asemahle Dyantyi says; he learnt to write in Grade 8 and since then he hasn’t stopped and he has nurtured that skill ever since then. By going to the Sifunda Kunye writing camp, he has learned about different styles of poems and different types of stories. He would like the club to help young minds learn as well as write their own stories and poems so that they can better their speech, writing and reading skills.

Sinesipho Habana said he has always been writing short stories and poems, the Sifunda Kunye Writing camp helped in bettering he’s writing skills and now he hope this club will help learners that are passionate about showcasing their writing skills to be able to come out of their shells. Asemahle hopes and dreams for this writing club – focus on young children’s talents so they can be proud of their writing talents.