Greetings from our principal Mr. Myona.

Greetings to all, it is surreal that this first term is coming to an end. Phew! What an indifferent and onerous term it has been, having to navigate and adjust in the ‘new normal’ caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which has disrupted the verve associated with schooling.

Despite a challenging year, with all odds stacked against them, the Class of 2020 did the school proud, surpassing a benchmark laid by their predecessors with an outstanding 92,8% pass rate, the best in recent past. Fortitude and hard work displayed by both educators and learners can never be discounted.

Cautiously, the school had to adjust and adopt a rotational timetable to maximize contact time with learners. Unfortunately, the Foundation phase classes (Grade 2 &3) were dealt a heavy blow as their teachers did not come back after the heavy lockdown of 2020.

The school was granted 16 appointees through the PEEI (Presidential Education Employment Initiative whose contracts run out by the April, 30.

School safety remains a priority during these trying times and the school has to make better use of the JoJo tanks for storage as water has become a scarce commodity.

We wish all our school community a healthy and safe year ahead.

Till we meet again in the second term which resumes in May, 3 2021. All the best!

Myona, Monde (HKCS-Principal)

School Support Staff

The following are the members of the school support team. They are responsible for making sure that our learners are maintaining physical distancing and that screening of both learners and teachers is conducted in an orderly manner.

The members are:

  1. Babalwa Ndzandze
  2. Siyabulela Pontsana
  3. Busisiswe Nesi

Education Assistant

The school would like to welcome the following  education assistants.

Miss Ngcwayi

isiXhosa & Maths

Grade 7 & 8


Mrs Kolweni—Mnana

Maths & N.S Tech

Grade 4 to 6


Mr Vayo

N.S Tech

Grade 4, 6 & 8


Mr Gojela

Social Science

Gr ade 6


And two  assistants that are helping in the foundation phase in Grade 2 and 3.

Welcome to Hendrik Kanise Miss Bani and Miss Bavuma

10 Pieces of Life Changing Advice You Can Learn From

Only 24 hours, yet so much goes in that time span. You go about your day, going through the boring and often dramatic evets. How often do you stop to realize that each hour of your day is packed with life-changing wisdom? Sure, there are  big events that punch you in the gut. The lesson from those are hard to ignore, but there are also many mundane things that happen in a day that also have a lot to teach you if you become aware of them.

  1. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the world and in yourself. Make the day meaningful.
  2. Breathe your way to a calmer, healthier and happier life.
  3. Start the chain reaction of positive tasking.
  4. Most things are not as bad as you think they are. Do your home works.
  5. Smaller problems are much easier to manage than larger problems. Do your tasks on time, so when the exams approaches you’ll only stress about them.
  6. Be considerate of other, always.
  7. The power of habit can transform your life. Study everyday.
  8. Your moods are contagious, share positive energy.
  9. An organized life is a calmer life. Time management is very important.
  10. Respect other people’s opinions, even when they differ from your own. Its rare that two people agree on most topics.

Awareness campaign on substance abuse 2019


The school’s LSA (Learner Support Agent) Vuyiseka Siwisa and the new TADA (Teenagers Against Drug Abuse) coordinator Ntsako Ndlovu held an awareness campaign on Substance abuse to highlight the devastating effect that substance abuse has on our learners. TADA aims at changing the behavior of teenagers who have come into conflict with the law. This program focuses on attitude change and taking responsibility and more importantly divert them from the system.

Introducing our newest member, this is the one and only Miss Ntsako, who has been helping us in the past few years. She is now the new TADA coordinator and is working at the school under Social Development. Ntsako started working with us at the beginning of October and the learners will be seeing more of her around the school as she will be working closely with the learners and on programs that deal directly with drugs.

Welcome Ntsako, we wish you well.

Black Monday 2019


The staff of Hendrik Kanise together with the learners stand together to fight against Gender based violence. The past few weeks we all saw the tragic passing of Uyinene Mrwetyana,whose  death has shaken the whole country.

The school is raising awareness to the learners as well as the community at large with regards GBV. It has come to our attention that the violence starts from a young age.

One of the LO teachers had given a public lesson on how to prevent situation where, he emphasized on boys to speak out and not bottle things they are going through which in turn builds up anger. One of the important things is CONSENT (ukuvumelana) it is important that kids learner at a young age that you ask for something as little as stationary (relatable example), if a person says NO then it means No.

The issue of GBV affect everyone and that we need to continue raising awareness not because its August Women’s Month, or take action when something happens to women. It should be our everyday responsibility as the society to fight against violation and harassment of women and young girls. We need to learn and unlearn things that will build our communities to be a better space for everyone who lives in it regardless of their gender, sexuality, race and so on and so forth.

Farewell to Mrs Lulama Maninjwa

The school bids farewell to Mrs Lulama Maninjwa, who has been a substitute in the place of Mr Myona during term 3. Mrs Maninjwa was teaching English FAL to grades 7 to 9. It was a pleasure having Mrs Maninjwa on board, and we wish her well in her future endeavors.


SMT Note September 2019

Unyaka uphelile.” These famous words have been spoken on many occasions by our former late principal, Mr. M. E. Kosi, much to the amusement of the learners, and many of them only realising later in their lives that with those prophetic words Mr Kosi actually wanted only to warn all of us that there merely is no time to waste, and that time is speeding by very quickly. And once again, in the blink of an eye, we have come to the end of Term 3.

This term once again brought with it a lot of challenges, including trying to come to terms with the poor June results, which meant a lot of extra hard work by both teachers and learners. We also had to face the entire term without the leadership of our principal, Mr Myona, who is still on sick leave, and therefore the school had to be managed by only 50% of the normal SMT, Mrs C. Louw-Arnolds, and Mr M. Gumenge, who managed to keep the school boat afloat regardless of the shortage of manpower. This term brought the usual pressure on our Gr 12 learners, with teachers trying to complete the syllabus, as well as fit in time for revision and getting learners exam-ready. And we were faced with numerous disciplinary cases which had a detracting impact on general discipline and the culture of learning at the school.

However, we are filled with much hope for the new term as we have observed a significant improvement in learner achievement for this term, especially in the intermediate phase. And we are delighted at the prospect of having our beloved principal back with us next term, bringing with him a sense of normality and much-needed stability as we are heading towards the National Senior Certificate Exams for matrics and final exams for the whole school.

To all staff members and learners, thank you so much for your hard work and diligence during this past term, it surely has paid off. Enjoy the short but well-deserved holiday and may the Hand of the Lord be over us all during the short break.

Hendrik Kanise SMT


This is Abongile James. She was born in iDutywa but grew up in Butterworth, a small town near where she was born.

What she likes most about her teaching career is motivating the young kids to be something better in future.

What motivates her the most is her mother, who always believed in her and always complements her achievements.


This is Sindiswa Gxamza and she was born in Uitenhage. She came to the school in 2018.

What she likes most about teaching is to impact on young people’s lives and motivate them to be the best they can be.

What motivates her is the difference she makes in a child’s life from the moment she meets them to the moment they realise the change in themselves.


This is Vuyiseka Siwisa who was born in Alicedale and she is the new Learner Support Agent.

What she like most about her job is helping the kids who are in need of help and assist them to get the help they need.

What motivates her is her background, she grew up in a very poor family but managed to go to school and be one of the learners who made Hendrik Kanise proud.

This is Thabani Diya and he was born in Bizana.

What he likes most about teaching: The teacher groom the most precious thing in a human being. That’s nothing other than the brain. Teaching is a never-ending profession. The teacher teaches every day and learns every day. As a teacher, you get the opportunity to touch many lives if learners & learners and play a huge role in making their future brighter.

What motivates him: One candle loses nothing by lighting hundreds of candles in a hall. So does the teacher, s/he loses nothing by passing His/her knowledge to others, but gains everything – learning new things.

This is Asavela Matera who was born in Port Elizabeth.

What she likes the most about teaching is the art of caring and loving. She believes teaching requires you to care and love yourself and your art so that your love can radiate and be able to nourish young minds.

She is motivated by her dream of a better society, which is aware of its actions to all the species of the environment.

She is doing her teaching practice 2 for 1 month and TP3 in third therm. This in total will be just above or exactly 2 months.

This is Malibongwe Vena from Grahamstown.

What he likes most about teaching: He likes the fact that teaching provides him with an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better, just as his life was changed positively by a teacher. To help children develop self-awareness of individuals and a lifelong love of learning.

What motivates him: Knowing that at least the lives of the learners he teaches will be changed positively and the hope of seeing them as responsible adults in the future is motivation enough for him.

Principals Note Term 3 2018