Beyond Adventures Group donation

Thank you so much to the Beyond Adventures Group who donated over 100 food parcels to our learners. We were so excited that we began to distribute the food together with their pupils without any delay. Little did we know just how much this act of random kindness would mean to the learners.

When we say thank you to the Beyond Adventures Group, we say it from hearts of people who know generational cycles of poverty, who struggle daily but are so grateful to have this generous donation to help feed families and also feed our own souls with hope and motivation to keep going. Thank you once again.

Broubart Group donation

Mr Mark Wood on behalf of Broubart Group has been generous enough to come to our rescue when we desperately needed help and donated quite a number of stationary and books. Thank you so very much to Mark Wood and Broubart for their willingness to always help the school whenever they can and always being our shoulder to cry on.

Some say, every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven.

Thank you a thousand times.

Ms & Mr Fresher


We last held a show for new comers in 2018, and I think we all agree if we say, this was well needed after a tough two years of battling COVID and not being able to do any event at the school except for education programs. The Ms Freshet and Mr fresher show was once again a success and this is all thanks to the organizing team and the learner’s eagerness to participate in these extra mural activities.

And thanks once again to all the participants, parents and the learners for the endless support.

Mr & Mrs Valentine Show 2022

On February 17th the school hosted Ms & Mrs Valentine’s Show in Town hall, the While Valentine’s Day origins suggest celebrating to remember St Valentine’s show is hosted every year on valentine’s day or on valentine’s week. The show is inspired by Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate romance and love and kissy-face reality. But the origin of this festival of candy and cupids is actually dark.

That is why we focus on the good side of it and celebrate the good things about it. The show was a success and everything about it was exquisitely exciting.

Thanks Giving Service


The thanks giving service has always been one of our many traditions that we have at the school and is held at the beginning of the year. This service is a way of saying thank you to our Lord, Jesus Christ for always being with us through the year until we start and finish the exams without any challenges of obstacles.

We believe that with him by our side and the dedication that the learners show throughout the year we are able to produce good Grade 12 results each year. That is why it is always essential for us to have services like this one.



The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is a mandatory body, according to departmental requirements, and consists of ten learners. These learners have to be nominated formally for the position and deliver a manifesto speech to their grades, before being voted into their positions. The RCL forms a vital link between the staff and the learners ensures effective all-round communication as all members act as direct spokespeople for their grade pupils. Our Manifesto took place on the 2nd of February and the voting took place on the 3rd the following day.


2022 Representative Council of Learners:

Grade 12 – Nolubabalo Makasi, Denzelin Maans, Aphiwe Mahe.

Grade 11 – Simamkele Nkombisa, Lisakhanya Mntengwana

Grade 10 – Buhle Nkole, Lulibo Dywili

Grade 9 – Lisakhanya Ntlanjeni

Grade 8 – Anele Mboyi

World Read Aloud Day


On the 3rd of February the school, together with the Library Assistants from the Alicedale Makana Library held a world read aloud session for the Grade3 Pupils. The session was held at the school and one of the Library assistants read a story to the Kids about a Turnip. Children really enjoyed the story and also participated in the acting out of the story.

Looking forward to working them again.


On the 4th of February the school held their annual inter-House athletics day. Athletics is a fully inclusive sport which covers a collection of running and throwing events. Competition formats including traditional track and field events. Some of the winners proceeded and took part in the Makanda District Athletics event that was held on the 12th February. It was really a tough competition and the kids enjoyed every last bit it even though luck was not their side.

It is a good thing that they participated, next time they will surely do better than they did.