Music and Drama

The music club has been around since last year and the club has been running smoothly. This year we have introduced Drama club to the school, nothing much has happened yet but the club has managed to hold a couple number of sessions. On the 06 of February the Drama, Dance and Girls club were visited by Volunteers from the Shamwari Conservation Experience. The volunteers helped our learners by setting up drama exercises including ‘catching me am falling’ game that teaches learners about trusting one another. The day was fun and the learners sang and performed their dance routines for their visitors.


Sifunda Kunye Sports Tournament 16 February 2019.


The school took part in this term’s Sifunda kunye sport event that took place in King Williams Town on the 16th of February.  It was the first time our school took part in this event as it occurs annually but our teams managed to make us proud. The teams that took part were our 1st teams for both Netball and soccer. Our soccer team won the soccer tournament and our netball team came in 4th place.


It was a very nice event to be part of and we would like to thank sifunda kunye and our partner school for such and amazing time the learners had enjoyed in the event.

Inter house sports 2019

Each year, right at the beginning of the year the school hosts interhouses. This year the event was hosted on the 18th of January 2019. This event allows the learners to compete in athletics and field events and the learners who have win in the events then proceed to compete in the district with other schools. This shows that there are other values that the school tries to instill in the learners besides books.


Well done to all the learners that participated and won, and we are hoping for more fun in the next coming years.

RCL 2019



On the 29th of January 2019 the school held an induction for the new RCL members, the induction was led by Mrs Louw-Arnolds and the learners were motivated by Mrs Nesi about how RCL member should conduct themselves. Parents were also invited to witness this wonderful event of our future leaders. We wish you well on your journey.


Albany Museum

On the 8th of February 2019 the school was visited by Khayakazi Mhasele and Chad Keates a herpetologist from the Albany Museum in Grahamstown. They conducted a presentation that focused on what makes snakes different from turtles, alligators and lizards though they are all reptiles and

how thy use their muscles to move. The presentation was for Grade 7 to 12.

We would like to t\say thank Mr keates and miss Mhasele for an awesome visit.


We are hoping to have more sessions like this next term.

Movie afternoon

The girls club hosted a movie afternoon for the foundation phase (Grade R – 3) on the 13th of February 2019. The learners watched a movie about an adventurous teenager named Moana who was chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical relic with a goddess. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui, who guide her in her quest to become a master way finder. Together they sail across the open sea to return the heart of Te Fiti and save her people. The young ones enjoyed this movie and the girls club will be hosting more afternoons in the next coming term.

Sifunda Kunye Reading club


The school launched their community reading club in 2018 and since then the club has been holding sessions two Saturdays a month. In these sessions the kids sing and enjoy a good story that is read by one of the facilitators. We either have group readings or a facilitator seats in front of the kids or read a story on the subject of the theme of that particular month. Since it was the month of love in February our theme was LOVE and we read a story about a princess that was trapped in a tall tower by a witch. Rapunzel was helped by a prince that ended up marrying her. The kids really enjoyed the story and got snack afterwards. Our sessions starts at 9 to 12 every second Saturday of the month. We even allow children who attend crèche to attend our reading club.

We would like to thank Jolande Swartz for making sure that the children are getting snacks at the end of each reading club session.


Finland visitors

On the 5th of March we were visited by one of our partnered school’s students from Finland. The program is very simple, learners from Finland visit our school with two of their teachers to learn the way we teach and the learners attend classes with our learners. Because they use their home language at school it sometimes becomes very challenging but they enjoy each and every class.  Our partnership is growing strong and we hope one day our learners will visit Finland and get a chance to experience the beauty of Finland and get a chance to learn how different the country is to ours.


WeShamwari is a Swiss charity association founded in Zurich, Switzerland in February 2017 by a group of friends, which share a passion for travelling, meeting people and experiencing the cultures of the world. Their vision is to enhance a world where people, especially children living in poverty are able to take control of their future and actively shape it. On the 29th of January 2019 the president of WeShamwari and his family, visited the school and donated a number of school shoes to our learners as he trying to introduce new projects. These are the kinds of projects that put unforgettable smiles on the learner’s faces.


We say thank you to weShamwari and we are looking forward to their 2019 upcoming projects

Principals note



Greetings to all,

Phew, what a term we had! Finally, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we going to a short yet much-needed recess. For the school, this affords a chance to reflect on a busy term we had. In case you missed it, our school started year on a positive note with 76,9 ,pass rate of Class 2018 still within the set target by the district. The school was awarded a Bronze certificate for the effort. With a school replete with opportunities it’s only discernible that we shall aim too much better performance for the Class 0f 2019 and go for the GOLD. Here are the snippets for HKCS 2018 academic year.

Academic and Co curricula Programme:


This term has seen a remarkable improvement in learner attainment levels albeit only term test and CASS marks are used for promotion. We have to acknowledge the efforts of our dedicated educators and the overwhelming support from our partners.


 Reading Clubs started in earnest in Term 1, thanks to the enthusiastic Jolande Swartz the SK [Sifunda Kunye- Manager] for championing the cause. These sessions play an important role in uplifting the community as they are un-discriminatory for attendance.

The sporting festival organized by SK, which was held in Zwelitsha offered an opportunity for our learners to pit their talents against sister schools. A cherry on top, our school was crowned 2019 soccer champions for the first time asking.

The TPA (The President Awards) program is in full swing, our learners attended a two -day workshop which involves learners in senior classes. This year, the group is going for a silver medal.


Keeping in touch with environment, our learners were taken through a painful journey of Rhino poaching through a documentary [STROOP] produced by Susan Scott and Bonne De Bod. A real eye-opener.


To curb the scourge of drugs and substance abuse bedeviling our communities, together with the local policing we had a successful campaign.


Last but not least, the school hosted 14 learners and 2 teachers from Finland as part of our ongoing partnership in exchange       of cultural and educational expertise.




Allow me then to thank you in assisting us to shape the future of the young minds and wishing you a peaceful holiday with family.


All the best and enjoy this edition.


Myona,M.P [ Principal]

P.S :   School reopens on 2 April 2019