A vision of the school will be accompanied by:

  1. The professional staff and the department of education, through dedicated service and research.
  2. The learners, through committed participation in activities which develop their intellectual capacities, physical abilities and spiritual value system.
  3. Providing a social environment in which all the stakeholders will grow together to make a meaningful contribution to the society.


We aim at the promotion of a culture of affecting teaching and lifelong learning through the maintenance of the following structures:

  1. A professional team of educators.
  2. A dedicated family of learners.
  3. A supportive community of parents and friends of the school.

About Hendrik Kanise

Hendrik Kanise was established in 1925 as a multi-racial church school, and was originally called Wesleyan Native Day School. In 1969 the school got new buildings in Nonzwakazi Location where it is still standing. In 2004, Mrs Louw-Balie became the first woman to be a principal at the school, with 510 learners.