Sifunda Kunye community reading club

We know that literacy is one of the big underlying problem for many of our school learners. This programme is aimed at developing a love for reading, books and stories. Through creating a culture of enjoyment to read we support literacy programmes and will be improving children’s ability to read.  Simply put – we support reading clubs, because we believe it’s the best way to improve reading and writing skills.

  • To promote a love for reading, literature and creative writing
  • To expose learners to various texts and possible careers in writing and editing
  • Story telling
  • Reading
  • Creative writing
  • Create a love for reading amongst children through interactive reading and storytelling activities
  • Assist children with basic building blocks for age appropriate reading and storytelling activities
  • Encourage and promote reading for enjoyment to be implemented at school and within the home

At the end of the day, there are really endless benefits of joining the reading club.  They encourage teamwork, foster a child’s ability to listen and react, create a sense of community around books – and so, so much more.  We are so excited to have added the Sifundakunye Community Reading Club to our schedule, and hope to welcome more kids to a group very soon.


We would also like to welcome this very enthusiastic group of new facilitators to our reading club family. This years is very interesting as we have boys also as facilitators, and believe me when I say they are very happy about being in the club and they have been a breath of fresh air since they joined.

We hope for nothing but good things this year.

Library week

Six learners from our school participated in national library week that was done at a local library on the 24 & 25 of March. The participants were in grade 5 and 6. They took part in an English quiz and book reading in isiXhosa. In the English quiz Vayo Iminathi took first place followed by Aphiwe Tulela on 2nd place then Alupheli Dingaan in 3rd place. In the isiXhosa reading Mbasa Mbilini took first place followed by Likhona Zothe in 2nd place then Onwabe Cummings in 3rd place. It was a fun and educational experience for our learners.

Hopefully next year we will have more participants.

RCL 2021

On the 10 of March the school held an RCL manifesto where the learner were the learners were selling themselves to be voted to be in the Representative Council of the Learners(RCL). Then on the 11th the learners voted for the learners that felt would represent them very well in the RCL, as their mission is to unify the Hendrik Kanise community by encouraging communication and by serving, supporting and inspiring learners to become active front in all spheres of life.

The learners unanimously voted for Liyema Gcayiya, Liyema Ndzandze, Landiswa Ntamo, Phelisa Madondile, Thembakazi Tsamse, Lindokuhle Matyhumza, Phethuxolo Vayo, Khanyisa Kana, Sinothando Lalela and Siyanda Mpahla.

We wish them a very good luck in making sure the school is a safe environment for all learners including the RCL members.

South African Police services visit

The South African Police Services together with the members from Makana Rape Victims visited the grade 7s & 8s learners11th of March on the to discuss the issues that learners are facing at school and at home. The topics that they thought were very important to discuss were Bullying, Theft and Rape. As we all know that Rape has escalated together with bullyism in our communities, the purpose wash to teach the learners the importance of not keeping quiet about being bullied at school and the steps one should follow when raped. After the talk hey gave 5 learners toiletries as a token of appreciation for participating in their fun talk.

Thanks giving ceremony 2021

On the 5th of March we held our annual thanks giving ceremony which is our way of saying thank you to the lord for being with us through the hardships of the year. Especially with how things turned out last year after the whole world was hit by the COVID-19, things have been very weird and worrisome. That was a very good reason to say ‘Thank you’ to the Almighty for making sure that everyone in the school’s faculty was safe from the deadly pandemic we were faced with in the past year.

Greetings from our principal Mr. Myona.

Greetings to all, it is surreal that this first term is coming to an end. Phew! What an indifferent and onerous term it has been, having to navigate and adjust in the ‘new normal’ caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which has disrupted the verve associated with schooling.

Despite a challenging year, with all odds stacked against them, the Class of 2020 did the school proud, surpassing a benchmark laid by their predecessors with an outstanding 92,8% pass rate, the best in recent past. Fortitude and hard work displayed by both educators and learners can never be discounted.

Cautiously, the school had to adjust and adopt a rotational timetable to maximize contact time with learners. Unfortunately, the Foundation phase classes (Grade 2 &3) were dealt a heavy blow as their teachers did not come back after the heavy lockdown of 2020.

The school was granted 16 appointees through the PEEI (Presidential Education Employment Initiative whose contracts run out by the April, 30.

School safety remains a priority during these trying times and the school has to make better use of the JoJo tanks for storage as water has become a scarce commodity.

We wish all our school community a healthy and safe year ahead.

Till we meet again in the second term which resumes in May, 3 2021. All the best!

Myona, Monde (HKCS-Principal)