This is Abongile James. She was born in iDutywa but grew up in Butterworth, a small town near where she was born.

What she likes most about her teaching career is motivating the young kids to be something better in future.

What motivates her the most is her mother, who always believed in her and always complements her achievements.


This is Sindiswa Gxamza and she was born in Uitenhage. She came to the school in 2018.

What she likes most about teaching is to impact on young people’s lives and motivate them to be the best they can be.

What motivates her is the difference she makes in a child’s life from the moment she meets them to the moment they realise the change in themselves.


This is Vuyiseka Siwisa who was born in Alicedale and she is the new Learner Support Agent.

What she like most about her job is helping the kids who are in need of help and assist them to get the help they need.

What motivates her is her background, she grew up in a very poor family but managed to go to school and be one of the learners who made Hendrik Kanise proud.

This is Thabani Diya and he was born in Bizana.

What he likes most about teaching: The teacher groom the most precious thing in a human being. That’s nothing other than the brain. Teaching is a never-ending profession. The teacher teaches every day and learns every day. As a teacher, you get the opportunity to touch many lives if learners & learners and play a huge role in making their future brighter.

What motivates him: One candle loses nothing by lighting hundreds of candles in a hall. So does the teacher, s/he loses nothing by passing His/her knowledge to others, but gains everything – learning new things.

This is Asavela Matera who was born in Port Elizabeth.

What she likes the most about teaching is the art of caring and loving. She believes teaching requires you to care and love yourself and your art so that your love can radiate and be able to nourish young minds.

She is motivated by her dream of a better society, which is aware of its actions to all the species of the environment.

She is doing her teaching practice 2 for 1 month and TP3 in third therm. This in total will be just above or exactly 2 months.

This is Malibongwe Vena from Grahamstown.

What he likes most about teaching: He likes the fact that teaching provides him with an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better, just as his life was changed positively by a teacher. To help children develop self-awareness of individuals and a lifelong love of learning.

What motivates him: Knowing that at least the lives of the learners he teaches will be changed positively and the hope of seeing them as responsible adults in the future is motivation enough for him.