Liyema Ndabambi grade 8

This is Liyema Ndabambi but here at school we know him as Mapoyoyo and is doing grade 8. Liyema is known for his artistry in music and drawing. The school is full of his drawing and we have recently use his art piece for heritage day. Liyema said his struggle is what motivates him because he wants to be the one to change his home situation one day. He has never had any one to teach him about drawing but his love for drawing and music is through his own motivation. He believes that he is his own artist as he is always motivating himself to do better and the he believes that no one can motivate him more than he does. The school has these drawings for the kids to play that he and the other kids have drawn.  This is all thanks to Mrs GxamzaJ

We wish him nothing but great things in life…

Hertritge day 2021

September isn’t only the month when spring officially begins but it is also Heritage Month. On the 23rd of September we held an event to celebrate heritage day which is a public holiday that is celebrated every year on the 24th of September. The school holds this type of event every year and it is our way of remembering the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. Various event were staged during the heritage celebration which included cultural dance and poetry, The highlight of the day was taking group photos next to an art piece that was created by the school’s well known artist Liyema Ndabambi. A short story about him will follow.

Talent show

Talents are things you’re good at and can get you in a good place in life. Everyone has talents, but sometimes we haven’t found them. So a talent show can help us discover our performing arts gifts. Talent shows help cure stage fright because if you perform on stage once, you will not be as scared the second time. If you do it again and again, you can learn from your past experience and you won’t faint in front of everyone and embarrass yourself. Fear is in the mind. That is why the school hold these cute talent shows for kids to help cure those stage frights and it is always a wonderful thing to witness. Kids showcased their different talents and is

Hope the next talent show will be as fun as the one we had.

Spring day 2021

The first day of September traditionally marks the beginning of spring. In South Africa Spring Day falls on the 1st of September and marks the end of the dreary cold winter days and the beginning of sunny summer days and nights. On the 10th of September the school held a spring show where the kids were dressing in yellow and floral. It was a really fun day and the kids really enjoyed it.

Thank you Mrs Gxamza for organising the event.

UJ Career festival 2021- Empowering and enabling the youth

High school learners are often not sure about where to start when it comes to choosing the right option for their futures. To make the choice a little easier for them, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and the Northcliff Rotary Club, in partnership with the Canon Collins Trust and BTS Army South Africa, invited all Grade 8 – Grade 12 learners to attend the online Career Fest on Saturday August 21, 2021. Hendrik Kanise Combined School was part of that virtual fest. The career fest closed off with a message from the BTS Army of South Africa and prize giveaways to learners.

Thank you to Mrs Dyasi for organising this wonderful event.

Donation to our library by broubart security and the Wood family

The Broubart Security group together with the Wood family decided to land a helping hand to the school’s new library project where they purchased over 2000 books for the school from the St Bernard’s 2nd hand shop. The Library project is still a work in progress and it will be a huge help for the reading club as the club not only now has a new venue but also a huge amount of books that will also be an asset the club members.

A big thank you to the Wood family for the willingness to help.

Principal note October 2021

Greetings to all of you,

Whew! the term which has been chequered by uncertain, polysemous bigotry has finally come to an end. The infrequent academic year has caused more harm than good to many of our schools. Learners drop-outs, inadequate curriculum coverage and corrosion in discipline to mention, but a few has plagued our schools.

We have been living under the shadow of the pandemic for more than 574 days counting. We have experienced much hardship, and the most difficult of these has been the innumerable relatives, colleagues, and friends we have lost to this pandemic. We mourn every one of them.

Naturally, we cannot wait to resume many activities that we have been unable to do for

much of the past two years. We want to attend tradition rituals, birthday parties and other

social functions freely with our friends and family. Enough about my ramblings.


As the saying goes, every dark  cloud has a silver lining. Our  school has been spared of the

sorrow the pandemic has brought and we were in full throttle as far as academics are

concerned. Allow me to welcome new additions to our staff: Mr Vayo, Melikaya and

Miss Ntozini,Zimkhitha  who are both teaching in the Intermediate and Foundation phase

respectively. Spring classes will continue for the Matrics and the Last Push is in progress.


Born Free Foundation  has been the lodestar to our learners with the edu-environment

programs this term. Also, we had an opportunity to honour the Arbor Day by planting  trees

at the school.


Heritage Day was celebrated to the glee of all. Our learners were allowed to showcase their

talent in this very successful event. Music is the food of the soul, the music talent show unearthed the best of the learners.


The school is eternally grateful to Mike and Helen Wood of the Broubart Group for the kind donation of library materials, this can only enhance our school and grow the learning nation.

Before I sign off, our thoughts and prayers go to our dear colleague, the industrious Mrs Dyasi who was befallen with a mishap as we wrap up the term. May the Gracious Lord shelter her under His wing.

Till we meet again,    ( Myona, M.P- Principal)