Girls club end year trip to Port Elizabeth.

The girls had an excursion to Port Elizabeth. The planning for the trip was very chellenging as the girls tried so hard to raise funds so that they can be able to have this trip. Indeed their hard work paid off and they were able to visit Port Elizabeth and visited very nice placed including the beach. The club is being led by The Sifunda Kunye facilitator and Intermediate Maths teach Mrs Gxamza.

Such opportunity are very rare and the learners are very fortunate to be able to hold bake sales and sell to their fellow learners and sell ruffles so that they can be able to attend the trip.

The girls are really buzzing around busy producing results. We hope for a better year in 2020.


Writing club


As I have promised in my previous article on the article I wrote on the September issue that I will be gathering other learners who are interested in taking this journey with me and form a new writing club, I actually fulfilled my promise and did just that. With the help of Miss Swayi we have been having weekly sessions with the other learners to show that we are really serious about this club. On our weekly sessions we write poems and share them amongst each other, that way we are learning from each other and we are also trying to teach other confidence. In the club, we allow anyone who enjoys writing poems and short stories to join.


Our dream for the club is to see it grow as most of the learners are involved in things that they are not supposed to, we want to be able to make a difference and for the community to be part of our club. We are hoping that one day we will grow to a point where some of our work is recognized and published.


We are thankful to Sifunda Kunye for allowing us to visit the annual Writing Camps, they help a lot.

BY Ayabulela January

Awareness campaign on substance abuse 2019


The school’s LSA (Learner Support Agent) Vuyiseka Siwisa and the new TADA (Teenagers Against Drug Abuse) coordinator Ntsako Ndlovu held an awareness campaign on Substance abuse to highlight the devastating effect that substance abuse has on our learners. TADA aims at changing the behavior of teenagers who have come into conflict with the law. This program focuses on attitude change and taking responsibility and more importantly divert them from the system.

Introducing our newest member, this is the one and only Miss Ntsako, who has been helping us in the past few years. She is now the new TADA coordinator and is working at the school under Social Development. Ntsako started working with us at the beginning of October and the learners will be seeing more of her around the school as she will be working closely with the learners and on programs that deal directly with drugs.

Welcome Ntsako, we wish you well.

Grade 7 farewell 2019

The grade 7s recently gathered with their teacher Mrs Dyasi for their annual farewell function at the school. A beautiful, personal and affirming day was enjoyed by all the learners and because we come from different backgrounds we do not allow or even pitch the idea of learners dressing up as we are trying to avoid the incident where some learners feel less privileged than the others. We make sure that each and every learner enjoys the farewell in a denim and PT-Shirts.

Good luck to the grade 7;s as they embark on the next part of their journey to High School.

Dedication service 2019

Each year we invite learners from Grade 8 to Grade 11 to join us in a special service to dedicate the end of school year and praying for Grade 12’s. In the service, Grade 12 learners receive powerful words of encouragement from the Pastor and he also prays for them. They also receive final exam arrangements, time tables and exam numbers.

We hope and pray for better results each year.

Prize giving 2019

Prize-giving ceremonies are an important part at our school as learners are very excites to get their hand on the prizes while teachers get to bask in the glow of their learner’s achievements.  Every year a Prize Giving Ceremony is held to award prizes to students to recognize their achievement in all areas of school life.  The ceremony was breath taking as the teachers had a procession in their graduation gowns to inspire the learners maybe to wear a gown one day.

In the ceremony, Maba Bavuma who matriculated in our school and is now a well-known Radio Presenter, had a chance to motivate the learners. In his speech, he said that “When you have a dream, you shouldn’t let your impediments and your upbringing define you.

You must always have a dream and make sure you work extra hard to achieve that dream, no matter how small it is”