Welcome to 2022 by Mr Myona

19 January 2022

Principal welcome speech.

Good morning all,

Good morning and welcome back to school, it has been an silence few weeks and empty classes and i am so happy to welcome you back into our learning environment.  I believe you had a wonderful summer holidays with your families under this trying times of Covid 19.

The pandemic has adversely impacted world wide, I am so overwhelmed with emotions; to see these eyes and faces peering over the top of mask and cant help to notice your readiness for the new school year. I am hesitant to tell you that we still have to keep to COVID19 protocols.

Future is now and what you do will determine your future and destiny, lets use God given talents for your betterment, believe in yourself and dream high.

You must have tenacity to accept failure, never give up and have persistence, failure is simply and opportunity to begin again. Please don’t take away your eyes from the price, success remember a fresh and healthy mindset is paramount.

May you all have a productive year ahead.

Thank you,

Principal – MP Myona