Sifunda Kunye writing competition 2021

29 November 2021

Sifunda Kunye Literacy project hosts annual writing camps for our partner schools but due to COVID we were unable to host our annual writing camp.

However, Sifunda Kunye launched an writing competition for our partner schools, together with our newsletter clubs and English faculty members at our schools our competition was successfully run.

Competition details was to write a short story themed “Where there is a will there is a way”

Top achievers from our partner schools were from St Matthews High School and Hendrik Kanise combined school.

Our 2021 writing competition winner was Natasha Mpondo from St Matthews High School in Keiskammahoek.

Congratulations to all learners that wrote in to our competition, keep on exploring your creative side.

History of Sifunda Kunye Writing Camp:

Innovative Writing Camp Empowers Learners

Eighty learners from four area schools explored creativity, learning, and self-expression in an intense writing camp over the weekend.  The camp was sponsored and hosted by the Sifunda Kunye Educational Project, a local public benefit organization that has been active in the King Williams Town district since 2008.

Sifunda Kunye invites 10 to 15 learners from each of its partner schools in the King William’s Town District and Grahamstown district participate in these camps.  This past weekend, learners from St. Matthew’s, Xolani, Richard Varha, Toise and Hendrik Kanise combined Schools spent an intense 3 days (Friday-Sunday) focusing on a specific theme, completing personal works, and submitting them for peer critique.  This session’s theme was “Dreams are made of…” and learners were encouraged to express what dreams and ambitions  means to them in essays, poems, and group discussions and drama. Participants received guidance from a talented group of volunteer facilitators, student leaders, and the Sifunda Kunye staff.  .” Participants submit their work for inclusion into a published student journal at the end of the camp.  The journal is a unique opportunity for many to see their work in print.

Learners and teachers are continually impressed with the writing camps.  Participants relish the opportunity to engage in an in-depth weekend of imaginative learning.  They enjoy improving their language and writing skills in a fun and creative venue outside of the classroom.  Teacher’s enjoy witnessing the progress these young writers make over the course of a weekend.

The Sifunda Kunye Literacy Project’s writing camps have been successfully running since they first launched in August 2014.  Sifunda Kunye is a non-profit that relies on donations and grants to support its literacy and technology programs in Eastern Cape schools

Sifunda Kunye Facilitators end year function and prize giving 2021


6 November 2021

We celebrated the completion of our annual facilitators program with a prize giving and a BBQ. The learners and faculty had loads of fun.

Sifunda Kunye is proud of all our hardworking facilitators that dedicated their time every Saturday at our literacy center.

Sifunda Kunye wants to thank Mr Kirben Rajopaul and Mr Dustin Hoffman from  Premier FMCG/Star bakery for recognizing our learners hard work.

Thank you for making the facilitators feel extra special by donating; lunch boxes, stationary, buffs, bread, caps and bags to all our facilitators. Sifunda Kunye, Hendrik Kanise Combined School and all our facilitators appreciate the donation received.

The mission of Sifunda Kunye Education Project is to have a positive impact on education and the individual lives of learners of all ages through the implementation of technology programs, literacy programs, and capital projects at deserving schools across South Africa.

We would like to thank our 2021 facilitators for positively impacting the lives of all ages through dedication and commitment to your role you play at our literacy center every weekend.

We wish all our facilitators, faculty, staff, donors and learners a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022.

Digital badges

The Power of Digital badges

Reports from researchers shows that rewards promotes learning. The rewards seems to have many positive effect not only on learning, but also on the personal development of learners. Through badge rewards they are able to gain confidence and their grades improve entirely. I believe that is why the school decided to adapt and is now starting a new tradition where learners will be rewarded in the form of being given digital badges for a term. The teachers are hoping it will encourage earners to find value and motivation in mastering the steps toward their high school goals. On the 4th of June a badge ceremony was conducted at the assembly and learners were given their badges to appreciate the good work they did in the 1st term.

We are looking forward to many more badge ceremonies.

Dedication service 2019

Each year we invite learners from Grade 8 to Grade 11 to join us in a special service to dedicate the end of school year and praying for Grade 12’s. In the service, Grade 12 learners receive powerful words of encouragement from the Pastor and he also prays for them. They also receive final exam arrangements, time tables and exam numbers.

We hope and pray for better results each year.

Prize giving 2019

Prize-giving ceremonies are an important part at our school as learners are very excites to get their hand on the prizes while teachers get to bask in the glow of their learner’s achievements.  Every year a Prize Giving Ceremony is held to award prizes to students to recognize their achievement in all areas of school life.  The ceremony was breath taking as the teachers had a procession in their graduation gowns to inspire the learners maybe to wear a gown one day.

In the ceremony, Maba Bavuma who matriculated in our school and is now a well-known Radio Presenter, had a chance to motivate the learners. In his speech, he said that “When you have a dream, you shouldn’t let your impediments and your upbringing define you.

You must always have a dream and make sure you work extra hard to achieve that dream, no matter how small it is”


Eskom Expo for young scientist 2019

On the 3rd of August 2019, 14 learners attended “Eskom expo for young scientists” in Makhanda at Rhodes University.


The vision of the project is to inspire young scientists and researchers.


Is to develop young scientist who are able to identify a problem, analyze information, find solution and communicate findings effectively.

The learners who took part in the Eskom Expo are:

  • Sinovuyo Busakwe
  • Denziline Maans
  • Sibabalwe Kwamba
  • Abongile Mali
  • Siyolise Mgingqi
  • Sinawo Mzizi
  • Agcobile Vayo
  • Sisipho Tokota
  • Masiwakhe Siwisa
  • Thembakazi Tsamse
  • Yololwethu Xawuka

Then three learners from grade 6 were roped in for observation purpose, in preparation for Eskom Expo 2020.

  • Libhongo Jonas
  • Sinothando Maguma
  • Sanele Nkole

Thembakazi Tsamse managed to scoop merit in her first appearance and everyone else received certificates of participation.

Looking forward to 2020.

Youth Conference

WHEN?          01 – 04 July 2019

THEME:         Youth taking the lead and fight against risky behavior

WHERE?        Nelson Mandela University

This conference was attended by learners all over the Sarah Baartman’s District and it was a mix of both genders. The main purpose of the conference was to teach the youth of South Africa about the risky behaviors that they get themselves in such as unprotected sexual activity, illegal substance and drug abuse which are commonly used by the youth. We learned about many things in the conference but the main lessons were about how we can prevent ourselves from getting HIV and that we shouldn’t be discriminating the LGBTIQ community.



The Presidents Awards


This term the president’s award team (learners in bronze and silver level) have teamed up to hike every weekend afternoons. Each day from Friday till Sunday they walk 14 km practicing for their next levels. The walk has been really fun and tiring but each weekend is better than the other as they have been walking from school to the Shamwari Gate or walk up the Bury Butchel’s Safari lodge route. They are all looking forward to the next president’s award camps hoping that they are ready for the kilometers that they going to be walking in the camp.

Ms & Mr Fresher 2018