Sifunda Kunye Lab Facilitator note June 2019


Hey guys!


We customarily have the principal do the note, but this term we have are doing things differently.

We have surprisingly had a very short and busy term and that for the school means less extra mural activities, but because we have clubs running at the school the busy schedule doesn’t hold them back. The clubs includes Community Reading Club, Eco-club, The Girls Club and newly formed Gumboot Dance Club. We all know that education is the key but what is education without a little fun.

Most of the clubs we have at the school are supported by the Shamwari group and Sifundakunye who will soon hold a camp for The Presidents Awards: Bronze level. We started joining the TPA in 2017 and we already have kids that are in Silver Level and will also be attending Gold camp towards the end of the year. Each year we enrol new learners and they start in bronze and will finish in Gold Level if they complete their Community service hours and attend compulsory camps.

It is said that, teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible. Teachers are the ones who bring about change in students life with fun and excitement and develop thrill of learning in them. With that being said we would like to welcome Mr Diya, Miss Siwisa and Miss James to our staff, not leaving out Miss Matera who recently joined the school for her practicals. We hope that they will keep their heads up high and bring golden feathers in the cap of our school.

Good luck comes to you as your hand is full of moment and courage along with good qualities. Best wishes to the learners on their mid-year exams.

A big thank you to all the teachers for trusting and believing in the use of CAMI.

All the best and enjoy this edition.


By Yonela Swayi

Please Note:

School closes – 14 June 2019

School re-opens – 9 July 2019