Drug awareness

Use and abuse of drugs and alcohol by teens is very common and can have serious consequences. In the 15-24 year age range 50% deaths involve alcohol and drug abuse.

The school has a policy of non-drug and alcohol use and we always hold motivational sessions for the learners so that they can be aware of the dangers of alcohol and drug use. The schools also invites the SAPS for random pursuits of drugs.

The combination of teenagers’ curiosity, risk taking behaviour and social pressure makes it very difficult to say no. This leads most teenagers to the questions: “Would it hurt to try?” That is why it is essential for us as teachers to have these effective drug and alcohol education for the kids because it plays a counterbalancing role in shaping a normative culture of safety, moderation and informed decision making.

The learner are also playing big roles in in making sure these issues are addressed as they are running a peer education programme. In the programme they discuss some of the issues they are facing as teenagers and they have concluded that Alcohol and Drug abuse is among the worse challenges that they have ever faced. Of cause all of that is because of low self-esteem and peer pressure.