We have launched an informal girls club consisting of a group of 20 girls, we learn more about the challenges that face young girls in the modern world. These girls meet every week to discuss some of these issues and the group spends some time recycling old materials. In this way, the girls also learn how to use your skills to put food on the table. The group has 5 facilitators and has done quite a number of activities such as making Mother’s day cards for teachers, recycling old jeans to make bags, recycling old T-shits to make mats. The teachers involved in this club are Miss Williams, Mrs Clay, Mrs Titi and facilitator Miss Swayi from Sifunda Kunye. The club started holding sessions on 7 May 2018. We will have a formal launch of our club in term 3.

The Mission of the club is:

  • To arm our girls with skills and knowledge so that they can impart it to everyone they are into contact with.
  • Help them to love God and themselves.
  • To build the girl’s self-esteem and self-worth.
  • To help the girls become self-sufficient and self-reliant.
  • To help girls to be helpful in the immediate communities and to their fellow student.
  • To help girls build a bond of sisterhood that will see them helping each other up.

Vision is to help them:

  • To be kind and sensible
  • To respect self and others
  • To grow up to be responsible citizens
  • To be young adults who contribute positively to their school and society
  • To be able to make better choices in their lives.
  • To take pride in their appearance and conduct.

The club wishes to start recycling and sell their recycled projects so they can be able to make money.