On the 29 of May 2019 we had our first reading club session where the teachers that went to Kieskamahoek were introducing the reading club to the school and training the facilitators on what they will be doing when the club has started running.

The session was educational and fun, even Lulibo Dywili who is doing Grade 6 said, “When I heard that the school is going to have a reading club, I thought maybe all we are going to do in the club is read. I was so surprised when Mrs Ncula read a book and made us comfortable and listen to her story and ask us questions at the same time. We had a lot of fun, that’s why when the teachers told us that the session is over we didn’t want to leave the room.”

We started with 10 learners and we are going to work with this number until the facilitators get comfortable with the program before we can invite more kids to this fun club. The teachers involved in this club are all the language teachers and the foundation teachers together with the facilitator who will be seeing that the club sessions are taking place and that the club’s facilitators are meeting before each sessions to discuss the program for that particular day and try to divide the work amongst each of the club’s facilitators.

We will be formally launching our community reading club on the 4th of August 2018.