Black Monday 2019


The staff of Hendrik Kanise together with the learners stand together to fight against Gender based violence. The past few weeks we all saw the tragic passing of Uyinene Mrwetyana,whose  death has shaken the whole country.

The school is raising awareness to the learners as well as the community at large with regards GBV. It has come to our attention that the violence starts from a young age.

One of the LO teachers had given a public lesson on how to prevent situation where, he emphasized on boys to speak out and not bottle things they are going through which in turn builds up anger. One of the important things is CONSENT (ukuvumelana) it is important that kids learner at a young age that you ask for something as little as stationary (relatable example), if a person says NO then it means No.

The issue of GBV affect everyone and that we need to continue raising awareness not because its August Women’s Month, or take action when something happens to women. It should be our everyday responsibility as the society to fight against violation and harassment of women and young girls. We need to learn and unlearn things that will build our communities to be a better space for everyone who lives in it regardless of their gender, sexuality, race and so on and so forth.