SMT Note September 2019

Unyaka uphelile.” These famous words have been spoken on many occasions by our former late principal, Mr. M. E. Kosi, much to the amusement of the learners, and many of them only realising later in their lives that with those prophetic words Mr Kosi actually wanted only to warn all of us that there merely is no time to waste, and that time is speeding by very quickly. And once again, in the blink of an eye, we have come to the end of Term 3.

This term once again brought with it a lot of challenges, including trying to come to terms with the poor June results, which meant a lot of extra hard work by both teachers and learners. We also had to face the entire term without the leadership of our principal, Mr Myona, who is still on sick leave, and therefore the school had to be managed by only 50% of the normal SMT, Mrs C. Louw-Arnolds, and Mr M. Gumenge, who managed to keep the school boat afloat regardless of the shortage of manpower. This term brought the usual pressure on our Gr 12 learners, with teachers trying to complete the syllabus, as well as fit in time for revision and getting learners exam-ready. And we were faced with numerous disciplinary cases which had a detracting impact on general discipline and the culture of learning at the school.

However, we are filled with much hope for the new term as we have observed a significant improvement in learner achievement for this term, especially in the intermediate phase. And we are delighted at the prospect of having our beloved principal back with us next term, bringing with him a sense of normality and much-needed stability as we are heading towards the National Senior Certificate Exams for matrics and final exams for the whole school.

To all staff members and learners, thank you so much for your hard work and diligence during this past term, it surely has paid off. Enjoy the short but well-deserved holiday and may the Hand of the Lord be over us all during the short break.

Hendrik Kanise SMT