Sifunda Kunye Writing Camp 2019

From the 23rd to the 25th of August, we attended a writing camp in Keiskammahoes. At the camp we were assorted with kids from the other school such as Richard Varha, St Matthews, Toise and Xolani and that gave us a chance to make new friends. Each year the camp has a new theme and this year it was UBUNTU and we had to write poems or short stories based on UBUNTU. Because we are all inexperience writers hoping to be good writers one day, the camp mainly focused on teaching us how to write Poems and Short stories and what to focus on when writing a poem. It was a really enjoyable experience to such an extent that I will be making sure that the writing club runs smoothly and I will volunteer myself in facilitating the writing club and make sure that everyone writes and produce good poems and short stories.

Looking forward to attending the next camp as a facilitator.