Sifunda Kunye Reading club


The school launched their community reading club in 2018 and since then the club has been holding sessions two Saturdays a month. In these sessions the kids sing and enjoy a good story that is read by one of the facilitators. We either have group readings or a facilitator seats in front of the kids or read a story on the subject of the theme of that particular month. Since it was the month of love in February our theme was LOVE and we read a story about a princess that was trapped in a tall tower by a witch. Rapunzel was helped by a prince that ended up marrying her. The kids really enjoyed the story and got snack afterwards. Our sessions starts at 9 to 12 every second Saturday of the month. We even allow children who attend crèche to attend our reading club.

We would like to thank Jolande Swartz for making sure that the children are getting snacks at the end of each reading club session.