Greetings to All,

It’s Spring, a season full of transformation. It is also time for us to transform our lives and get rid of the slack that Winter instilled in us of becoming sloths. If I may borrow from the sports parlance, we are entering the last lap of the race, as final exams are looming large for our learners.  Let me hasten to wish good luck to the class of 2018 and the rest for the examinations.

The third quarter has been very busy and entertaining as well. Our learners were exposed to different educational and business ventures.


Reading Club sessions are on full throttle, every second Saturday. This offers reading opportunities to all and sundry, led by a team of dedicated facilitators. Light refreshments are provided in these sessions to the participants. The school can never thank SK [ Sifunda Kunye] enough for playing an enabling role.

Young, aspiring writers from HKCS embarked on a writing camp sanctioned by Sifunda Kunye, with the first edition already published this current year.

Spelling Bee Competition, our marquee event of the year, once more lived up to its billing. This edu-taining event involved exceptional spellers from all the Grades. Winners were awarded.

Dental health: Shamwari Conservation Experience played a pivotal role in keeping our young learners on cutting edge as far Dental health is concerned. A sponsor of Colgate kit comprising toothpaste and toothbrush was secured by the Foundation. The school will eternally be indebted for their support.


This annual business day which aims at developing our learners’ business acumen was also held to much glee from the participants. The proceedings will greatly assist the school funds and supplement the ever- meagre budget of the school.


School renovations will start soon and plans are afoot to relocate classes to a new site for the old buildings demolitions. We all cannot wait for the new school and conducive atmosphere it will bring.


As we celebrate Heritage Month, allow me to convey my Heritage greetings: Na le nako e babatsehang; Het n wonderlike tyd. Nibe neholide ezimyoli;Have a super holiday. Enjoy the short recess until we meet again on October 8,2018.

Myona,M.P [ Principal]


P.S.: School reopens on October, 09 2018