Principal note October 2021

Greetings to all of you,

Whew! the term which has been chequered by uncertain, polysemous bigotry has finally come to an end. The infrequent academic year has caused more harm than good to many of our schools. Learners drop-outs, inadequate curriculum coverage and corrosion in discipline to mention, but a few has plagued our schools.

We have been living under the shadow of the pandemic for more than 574 days counting. We have experienced much hardship, and the most difficult of these has been the innumerable relatives, colleagues, and friends we have lost to this pandemic. We mourn every one of them.

Naturally, we cannot wait to resume many activities that we have been unable to do for

much of the past two years. We want to attend tradition rituals, birthday parties and other

social functions freely with our friends and family. Enough about my ramblings.


As the saying goes, every dark  cloud has a silver lining. Our  school has been spared of the

sorrow the pandemic has brought and we were in full throttle as far as academics are

concerned. Allow me to welcome new additions to our staff: Mr Vayo, Melikaya and

Miss Ntozini,Zimkhitha  who are both teaching in the Intermediate and Foundation phase

respectively. Spring classes will continue for the Matrics and the Last Push is in progress.


Born Free Foundation  has been the lodestar to our learners with the edu-environment

programs this term. Also, we had an opportunity to honour the Arbor Day by planting  trees

at the school.


Heritage Day was celebrated to the glee of all. Our learners were allowed to showcase their

talent in this very successful event. Music is the food of the soul, the music talent show unearthed the best of the learners.


The school is eternally grateful to Mike and Helen Wood of the Broubart Group for the kind donation of library materials, this can only enhance our school and grow the learning nation.

Before I sign off, our thoughts and prayers go to our dear colleague, the industrious Mrs Dyasi who was befallen with a mishap as we wrap up the term. May the Gracious Lord shelter her under His wing.

Till we meet again,    ( Myona, M.P- Principal)