Broubart Group donation

Mr Mark Wood on behalf of Broubart Group has been generous enough to come to our rescue when we desperately needed help and donated quite a number of stationary and books. Thank you so very much to Mark Wood and Broubart for their willingness to always help the school whenever they can and always being our shoulder to cry on.

Some say, every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven.

Thank you a thousand times.

Ms & Mr Fresher


We last held a show for new comers in 2018, and I think we all agree if we say, this was well needed after a tough two years of battling COVID and not being able to do any event at the school except for education programs. The Ms Freshet and Mr fresher show was once again a success and this is all thanks to the organizing team and the learner’s eagerness to participate in these extra mural activities.

And thanks once again to all the participants, parents and the learners for the endless support.



The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is a mandatory body, according to departmental requirements, and consists of ten learners. These learners have to be nominated formally for the position and deliver a manifesto speech to their grades, before being voted into their positions. The RCL forms a vital link between the staff and the learners ensures effective all-round communication as all members act as direct spokespeople for their grade pupils. Our Manifesto took place on the 2nd of February and the voting took place on the 3rd the following day.


2022 Representative Council of Learners:

Grade 12 – Nolubabalo Makasi, Denzelin Maans, Aphiwe Mahe.

Grade 11 – Simamkele Nkombisa, Lisakhanya Mntengwana

Grade 10 – Buhle Nkole, Lulibo Dywili

Grade 9 – Lisakhanya Ntlanjeni

Grade 8 – Anele Mboyi

World Read Aloud Day


On the 3rd of February the school, together with the Library Assistants from the Alicedale Makana Library held a world read aloud session for the Grade3 Pupils. The session was held at the school and one of the Library assistants read a story to the Kids about a Turnip. Children really enjoyed the story and also participated in the acting out of the story.

Looking forward to working them again.


On the 4th of February the school held their annual inter-House athletics day. Athletics is a fully inclusive sport which covers a collection of running and throwing events. Competition formats including traditional track and field events. Some of the winners proceeded and took part in the Makanda District Athletics event that was held on the 12th February. It was really a tough competition and the kids enjoyed every last bit it even though luck was not their side.

It is a good thing that they participated, next time they will surely do better than they did.

Welcome to 2022 by Mr Myona

19 January 2022

Principal welcome speech.

Good morning all,

Good morning and welcome back to school, it has been an silence few weeks and empty classes and i am so happy to welcome you back into our learning environment.  I believe you had a wonderful summer holidays with your families under this trying times of Covid 19.

The pandemic has adversely impacted world wide, I am so overwhelmed with emotions; to see these eyes and faces peering over the top of mask and cant help to notice your readiness for the new school year. I am hesitant to tell you that we still have to keep to COVID19 protocols.

Future is now and what you do will determine your future and destiny, lets use God given talents for your betterment, believe in yourself and dream high.

You must have tenacity to accept failure, never give up and have persistence, failure is simply and opportunity to begin again. Please don’t take away your eyes from the price, success remember a fresh and healthy mindset is paramount.

May you all have a productive year ahead.

Thank you,

Principal – MP Myona

Sifunda Kunye writing competition 2021

29 November 2021

Sifunda Kunye Literacy project hosts annual writing camps for our partner schools but due to COVID we were unable to host our annual writing camp.

However, Sifunda Kunye launched an writing competition for our partner schools, together with our newsletter clubs and English faculty members at our schools our competition was successfully run.

Competition details was to write a short story themed “Where there is a will there is a way”

Top achievers from our partner schools were from St Matthews High School and Hendrik Kanise combined school.

Our 2021 writing competition winner was Natasha Mpondo from St Matthews High School in Keiskammahoek.

Congratulations to all learners that wrote in to our competition, keep on exploring your creative side.

History of Sifunda Kunye Writing Camp:

Innovative Writing Camp Empowers Learners

Eighty learners from four area schools explored creativity, learning, and self-expression in an intense writing camp over the weekend.  The camp was sponsored and hosted by the Sifunda Kunye Educational Project, a local public benefit organization that has been active in the King Williams Town district since 2008.

Sifunda Kunye invites 10 to 15 learners from each of its partner schools in the King William’s Town District and Grahamstown district participate in these camps.  This past weekend, learners from St. Matthew’s, Xolani, Richard Varha, Toise and Hendrik Kanise combined Schools spent an intense 3 days (Friday-Sunday) focusing on a specific theme, completing personal works, and submitting them for peer critique.  This session’s theme was “Dreams are made of…” and learners were encouraged to express what dreams and ambitions  means to them in essays, poems, and group discussions and drama. Participants received guidance from a talented group of volunteer facilitators, student leaders, and the Sifunda Kunye staff.  .” Participants submit their work for inclusion into a published student journal at the end of the camp.  The journal is a unique opportunity for many to see their work in print.

Learners and teachers are continually impressed with the writing camps.  Participants relish the opportunity to engage in an in-depth weekend of imaginative learning.  They enjoy improving their language and writing skills in a fun and creative venue outside of the classroom.  Teacher’s enjoy witnessing the progress these young writers make over the course of a weekend.

The Sifunda Kunye Literacy Project’s writing camps have been successfully running since they first launched in August 2014.  Sifunda Kunye is a non-profit that relies on donations and grants to support its literacy and technology programs in Eastern Cape schools

Liyema Ndabambi grade 8

This is Liyema Ndabambi but here at school we know him as Mapoyoyo and is doing grade 8. Liyema is known for his artistry in music and drawing. The school is full of his drawing and we have recently use his art piece for heritage day. Liyema said his struggle is what motivates him because he wants to be the one to change his home situation one day. He has never had any one to teach him about drawing but his love for drawing and music is through his own motivation. He believes that he is his own artist as he is always motivating himself to do better and the he believes that no one can motivate him more than he does. The school has these drawings for the kids to play that he and the other kids have drawn.  This is all thanks to Mrs GxamzaJ

We wish him nothing but great things in life…

Hertritge day 2021

September isn’t only the month when spring officially begins but it is also Heritage Month. On the 23rd of September we held an event to celebrate heritage day which is a public holiday that is celebrated every year on the 24th of September. The school holds this type of event every year and it is our way of remembering the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. Various event were staged during the heritage celebration which included cultural dance and poetry, The highlight of the day was taking group photos next to an art piece that was created by the school’s well known artist Liyema Ndabambi. A short story about him will follow.

Talent show

Talents are things you’re good at and can get you in a good place in life. Everyone has talents, but sometimes we haven’t found them. So a talent show can help us discover our performing arts gifts. Talent shows help cure stage fright because if you perform on stage once, you will not be as scared the second time. If you do it again and again, you can learn from your past experience and you won’t faint in front of everyone and embarrass yourself. Fear is in the mind. That is why the school hold these cute talent shows for kids to help cure those stage frights and it is always a wonderful thing to witness. Kids showcased their different talents and is

Hope the next talent show will be as fun as the one we had.