Donation to our library by broubart security and the Wood family

The Broubart Security group together with the Wood family decided to land a helping hand to the school’s new library project where they purchased over 2000 books for the school from the St Bernard’s 2nd hand shop. The Library project is still a work in progress and it will be a huge help for the reading club as the club not only now has a new venue but also a huge amount of books that will also be an asset the club members.

A big thank you to the Wood family for the willingness to help.

Sifunda Kunye Writing Camp 2019

From the 23rd to the 25th of August, we attended a writing camp in Keiskammahoes. At the camp we were assorted with kids from the other school such as Richard Varha, St Matthews, Toise and Xolani and that gave us a chance to make new friends. Each year the camp has a new theme and this year it was UBUNTU and we had to write poems or short stories based on UBUNTU. Because we are all inexperience writers hoping to be good writers one day, the camp mainly focused on teaching us how to write Poems and Short stories and what to focus on when writing a poem. It was a really enjoyable experience to such an extent that I will be making sure that the writing club runs smoothly and I will volunteer myself in facilitating the writing club and make sure that everyone writes and produce good poems and short stories.

Looking forward to attending the next camp as a facilitator.



Sifunda Kunye Sports Tournament 16 February 2019.


The school took part in this term’s Sifunda kunye sport event that took place in King Williams Town on the 16th of February.  It was the first time our school took part in this event as it occurs annually but our teams managed to make us proud. The teams that took part were our 1st teams for both Netball and soccer. Our soccer team won the soccer tournament and our netball team came in 4th place.


It was a very nice event to be part of and we would like to thank sifunda kunye and our partner school for such and amazing time the learners had enjoyed in the event.


WeShamwari is a Swiss charity association founded in Zurich, Switzerland in February 2017 by a group of friends, which share a passion for travelling, meeting people and experiencing the cultures of the world. Their vision is to enhance a world where people, especially children living in poverty are able to take control of their future and actively shape it. On the 29th of January 2019 the president of WeShamwari and his family, visited the school and donated a number of school shoes to our learners as he trying to introduce new projects. These are the kinds of projects that put unforgettable smiles on the learner’s faces.


We say thank you to weShamwari and we are looking forward to their 2019 upcoming projects